Chika Anyanwu: The Church Our Refuge

The Church is a beautiful and diverse place. We are all different, and we all pray differently. But, we all belong in this one, unified Catholic Church.

The Sacraments are a Gift

Chika has been given many gifts from her family. They have raised her in a loving home that emphasised a strong family bond. But the greatest gift they gave her was her Catholic faith.

By virtue of your Baptism, you belong in this one True Church. The Catholic Sacraments are blessings given to us to demonstrate outward signs of the love of God. The Church has been given this power to bring God Himself directly to you. We truly look at Jesus when we look upon the Eucharist. And as Chika taught us,”The more that we look at Jesus, the more that we spend time with Jesus, the more we become a reflection of Him.”

The Church is One

When we stay close to the Catholic Church, we stay close to one another. We are all united in the Eucharist and in the Sacraments. The enemy wants us to focus on what divides us. The Church is a place that welcomes everyone. You belong here. When we get caught in disagreements or our struggles with individuals in the Church, we are allowing division in our hearts.

We may sometimes feel fed up and become tempted to leave the Catholic faith. In those times–as Chika was once encouraged by a Fransican priest–we should not leave the Church, but LEAD the Church. There are some that say that young people are the future of the Church. But, you ARE the Catholic Church. You are called to be a light of leadership in the Church today. Take an active part in your faith now; don’t wait.

The Catholic Church is the One True Church. This is your home and where you belong. Jesus is here and desires to be close to you. Staying close to the Church means staying close to Jesus Himself.

Reflection Questions

What is one new way that you can demonstrate a commitment to your faith?
How can you step up to lead your local Catholic Church community?


Watch our Sunday morning session here.

Written by Amanda Jelavich