Women’s Session – Jackie Francois Angel

Of course it all began with Taylor Swift. We sang a little ‘Love Story’ because we love love songs. We know what real love is and we long for it. We also know what real love isn’t.

That’s because we were all made from love, by love, and for love, as Jackie Francois Angel pointed out. It all started in the beginning, when God created the world. We know from St. John that God is love, and love always has to go out of itself. God created the world out of love because He is love.
And because the devil hates love and he hates life, it makes sense that he hates women – the ones whose bodies create life out of love.

And since women are a special target of the evil one, they’re also specially loved by Christ. We can see that throughout the Scriptures, particularly with the woman at the well (John 4:4-42).

The first thing of note is that Jesus didn’t have to pass through Samaria – Jews went around it all time. They avoided Samaria at all costs, and Jesus chose to go there.

And while there, He met this woman, this Samaritan woman, this Samaritan woman with a past. He names the thing she’s most ashamed of – her five former husbands, and the man she’s living with now.

Jackie pointed out that numbers have huge significance in Scripture. The number three represents Heaven (Jesus rose on the Third Day, three persons in Trinity). Four represents earth (four seasons, four directions on a compass, four major elements). Since 3+4=7, the number seven means perfection or completion (seven days of the week, seven Sacraments).

And since this woman has had five husbands, and one live-in boyfriend now, Jesus is the 7th guy in her life. When all others disappointed, He offers her the perfect love that no one else can.

No matter who we are, where we’ve been, what we’ve done: Christ is calling us women to receive His perfect love, let it change us, and then take it out to world.


Love always has to go out of itself. God created the world out of love because He is love.

Ladies, your beauty is breathtaking. You can use it to lead others to sin or use your beauty for God’s glory.

The mark of the devil is 666 because six falls one short of seven – short of perfection three times, the opposite of heaven.

Written by Rachel Leininger
Rachel Leininger is a full-time mom, author, and speaker with over 10 years of ministry experience. She's married to the excessively creative and unfairly gorgeous David. Her favorite things include decorating their home, everything Cardinals baseball, and coffee.