Vision Restored: Michael Gormley

“The fullness of what it means to be alive is to be in conformity to the life of Jesus Christ.”

When Moses saw the burning bush that day, it could have remained a day like any other day. Sometimes bushes catch on fire. What caught Moses’ attention was that the bush on that day was burning but unconsumed.

If we wanted to be like another person, it would cost us something of ourselves. We wouldn’t be able to become like another person without a part of us dying so that we can pretend we are another person. But, when God pours the Holy Spirit into our hearts, we are set on fire but not consumed. All that is good, beautiful, unique, and unrepeatable about you doesn’t disappear. It is amplified by the glory of God.

We don’t have to be afraid to follow Jesus. The beautiful and special parts of who we are remain. It isn’t a call to become joyless saints. When we give ourselves to Christ, we tend to dip our toe in slowly. We hesitate and pull back. The trouble is, we know what it is like to be hurt – to give ourselves in love and have our hearts broken and betrayed.

That isn’t what Jesus is calling us to. It is not the love that Jesus offers us. God offers abundant life and infinite love.

We sometimes think that it’s when we have our lives together that we will have God. It’s tempting to think we need to be at a certain point before having a loving relationship with God. That is a lie designed to keep you away from your Savior. Don’t let the lie win. We are never going to be good, moral, or pure enough unless we come into the presence of our God first. Christ is calling each of us to something new. Some of us don’t think we are worthy. Others don’t hear how urgent the call is. But, God wants to restore our vision. He wants us to see His glory in all things, even in the mundane, boring, messed up parts of our lives. Even the moments when we feel furthest from Him, God’s glory is there.  We need only trust the One who made us for Himself to love us just as we are.

Reflection Questions

Do you believe that Jesus is calling out to you?
How will you respond?
Do you trust that His love is bigger and more real than your sin?
How will a restored vision change the way you look at your life?

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Written by Melissa Hunter