Vision Restored: Joel Stepanek

Joel challenged us tonight to recognize that holiness isn’t about being perfect; it’s about saying yes to the invitation for a journey.  When we say yes to the journey, we manage to find God in the unexpected. Think about monumental moments in your life – did you expect those to happen? When did you meet your best friend? Did you know they were going to be your best friend when you met them?

Oftentimes we fall into the temptation of numbing out when we experience life’s difficult moments. When we do this, we might miss recognizing how God’s plan is unfolding. Think about the day that Moses heard God call him through a burning bush. At that time, shame from having committed murder drove Moses into hiding, but God still searched for him.

God pursues us in the same way – He meets us where we are at. But, because God loves us and wants us to freely choose Him, a response is required on our part. This requires the ultimate challenge: vulnerability.

We invite you into that vulnerability with God. When you honestly encounter God, the place where you meet Him becomes holy ground. When you say “yes” to Him, you will find restoration. Be like Moses and say, “Here I am.”

We can’t promise immediate change. Nor can we promise that you’re going to walk away and all your problems will be fixed. We can promise that an encounter with the Lord can change your trajectory forever. The move is yours. God made His move, so what will you do next?

Reflection Questions:
How have you seen Jesus working in your life during the past few months?
What is one thing you would like God to restore and renew in your life this weekend?


Want to see the Friday night session? Click here to check out the video from our live feed!

Written by Melissa Hunter