Sr. Josephine: Jesus, Our Refuge

Sr. Josephine Garrett anchored Day 2 as the keynote speaker tonight at Steubenville-Mid America. Her message was a call to resist the culture’s attempt to erase God from our memory. She centered most of her message around the story of Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well. Blending understanding of scripture with stories and examples of how Jesus’ message still resounds today, Sr. Josephine challenged us to rise up against the, “subtle authoring of [our] lives” that is prevalent in our world. As the culture fights for prominence, Jesus wants to, “lay waste to every false God” in our lives.

Sr. Josephine implored us that, in the difficulties of life, when we see how deep our wounds run, Jesus wants us to look at how deep His mercy runs. We find that mercy in the grace of His wounds. “I dare you to hide yourself in the wound of His side. I dare you to refuge in it.”

Christ at the well intentionally revealed His identity as the Son of God and, in turn, He revealed how serious He is in His pursuit of each of us today. Jesus is waiting for us at the well… speak to Him.

You can watch the live stream of Sr. Josephine’s talk here!


Written by Jeremy Remiger