Sean Forrest – The Invitation

We’re all searching for God. Sean Forrest shared his heart with us tonight, particularly about how he spent many years searching for truth– searching for God. The unique beauty of Christianity though, is that it reveals a God that we do not need to search for, because He searches for us. He longs for us. And tonight, He extends to us an invitation to come to know Him better.

Sean reminded us that everyone encounters pain in life. Jesus Christ, as fully man, was no exception to this. He knew His pain, to know our pain. Sean shared some profound wounds on his own heart, and gave us a glimpse of the depths of hurt that he had sunk into. And to that depth, Christ descended. Christ came down from heaven to meet Sean in his suffering. Every time someone sinks into a pit– whether it be loss, illness, trauma, any suffering– Christ is willing to descend again, so that He may elevate them to the perfection that is His love for us. Even in pain, there is an invitation to allow the Lord to embrace us.

Christ knows God better than any prophet, sage, or wise man. Christ knows God because He is God, and He invites us to know Him too. So let us say yes to that invitation, to that embrace, to our Lord.

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Written by Evie Sue
My mom is from the South, which landed me a double first name. I love Jesus and sweet tea, but only when mixed with lemonade (the tea, not Jesus). I have freckles on just one side of my face, am often mistaken for a ginger, and work as Catholic youth minister for the Archdiocese of St. Louis. Pretty social for an introvert: @eviesueward