Saturday Night Adoration and Eucharistic Procession

When we ask our “Humans of SteubySTL” what their favorite part of Steubenville is, almost universally the response is, “Adoration on Saturday night!”

When reflecting on Adoration, I’m tempted to write, “something special happens.” But that’s not true. We can’t simplify this into a simple cliché.  It’s not something– it’s Someone.

Adoration on Saturday is never the same. As a youth minister, I’ve had numerous conversations with teens who, after a profound prayer experience, come to me disappointed when they don’t have an equally-profound, life-changing, overwhelming experience the next time in prayer.

The truth is that our prayer is not our own. It is not a ubiquitous, stagnant, on-demand experience that we can manipulate like a tap of the finger on the Netflix app. An experience in prayer is not something special– it’s Someone.

God in Himself is a relationship– the Father loves the Son, the Son loves the Father, the love between them is the Holy Spirit. So when we are invited into the love of the God, we truly are invited into a person of God. A person who is living, dynamic, and active. An autonomous person, outside of our will and command.

Adoration on Saturday evening is a profound prayer for everyone in the building. Regardless of how much we “feel it,” the Spirit breaths into us and pursues our heart in a encounter unique to each of us, each time. Whether or not we know Him, He knows every facet of our heart perfectly, and perfectly responds.

Sometimes, He bears fruit in our lives through tears. Sometimes, through rest. And sometimes still, through silence. He perfectly commands the outcome of our prayer to be what is most perfect for us.

It’s His job to bear fruit– it’s our job to receive it.

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Written by Evie Sue
My mom is from the South, which landed me a double first name. I love Jesus and sweet tea, but only when mixed with lemonade (the tea, not Jesus). I have freckles on just one side of my face, am often mistaken for a ginger, and work as Catholic youth minister for the Archdiocese of St. Louis. Pretty social for an introvert: @eviesueward