Saturday Night Adoration and Eucharistic Procession

“We are amazed, we stand in awe, for we have been changed by the power of the Cross.”

These lyrics are what constantly go through my head the second I hear anyone reference “Saturday Night Adoration.” Even years in the future, I have no doubt that I will still be able to vividly imagine myself singing the lyrics to “How Great Is Your Love!” by Passion at the top of my lungs along with 3,859 of my closest friends in the Q.

I will never cease to get chills every time Adam Bitter would pause from singing in the middle of songs such as Lord, I Need You, Great I Am, Closer, and Overwhelmed so we could hear everyone’s voices echoing in the arena with such passion and joy.

“From the heights of Heaven, You stepped down to earth.”

This lyric here is when it fully hits me that God is not only watching us all from Heaven, but he is also down on earth, with us, in that very building, watching thousands of us proclaiming our love for him and receiving his even greater love in return.

Beyond simply praying in Adoration along with an arena full of teens who have such a powerful fire for God, Steubenville does it in an interactive way that makes God’s presence seem even more real. Most forms of Adoration consist of kneeling down facing the stationary monstrance placed on the altar. However, the monstrance here tonight is on the move as Fr. Martin weaves through every single section, ensuring that the thousands of hearts in the stadium have the opportunity to have a closer encounter with God.

With attending this conference as a teen with my parish for three years in a row, I can attest to the fact that while everyone says this is a powerful experience, this “feeling” you may be anticipating does not come right away, and you may not even feel it at all some years.

However, no matter the year, I can never dispute that the feeling becomes real as Fr. Martin walks past, holding the monstrance high in front of me. Some of my friends describe this feeling to be most powerful when the monstrance is directly facing you as you are on your knees pouring your heart out. You tilt your head up to see God looking, almost smiling, straight into your eyes. And you can’t resist smiling right back.

If this feeling does not occur for you, do not worry as there is no “correct” way to worship God. He is still working through you and reaching your heart, whether you notice it or not. God has a different method in mind for how He is going to reveal Himself to each and every one of us.

“Innocent perfection, gave Your life for us.”

God’s love for each of us is too large to have capacity. It is infinite and he showed this by giving his only Son so that we will never have to feel like we are suffering alone. We are His sons and daughters, and He already took our heaviest burdens with Jesus when he died on the cross. Tonight is the perfect opportunity to seek him for anything you may need or any struggles that may be on your mind. No matter how you are feeling tonight, there is always opportunity to strive to go deeper, look higher.

How great is our God.

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Written by Erika Olsen
My friends claim I speak in two different languages: English and Twitter. I'm a sophomore at Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana studying Marketing and Political Science. I love retreats, Starbucks coffee, Parks and Recreation and am obsessed with holding various leadership positions! I'm from St. Louis, MO and serve on College Core at Ascension in Chesterfield.