Saturday Evening Keynote- Belonging to Christ Our Hope: Brian Greenfield

Brian asked all of our attendees tonight to get out of their comfort zone.  That being said, it’s hard to ‘jump’ to God when you’ve been dropped a lot. It can be hard to believe that God cares about you. When you’ve been broken enough, the enemy likes to try to convince you of three things:

  1. You’re alone
  2. You are unloved
  3. You are unlovable

If you live within these lies the enemy can control your actions.

For a lot of us, it’s much easier to remember the things people have said negatively about us or the times we’ve feel like we’ve been dropped. In those moments, we don’t want to jump or be open. We can sit here tonight and pretend our lives are perfect, but let’s be real with ourselves.

You might be looking around even in here and feel like you’re in a cave. You may be looking around this area and asking yourself “When is it going to be my turn to feel like God cares for me?” If no one speaks the truth that God is here to catch us when we jump to Him it can feel like a stone is right in front of this cave and traps us. Sometimes we’re in this cave so long we can even forget everything outside of it.

Brian then referred to the chapter in John about Lazarus and how Jesus brought him back to life. Through this story of Lazarus, the Bible delivers a powerful message to the world: Jesus Christ has power over death – and those who believe in Him receive resurrection life. Jesus wants to do something similar to all of us in our hearts tonight, even if we feel like we’re in a place we can’t come out from. In this story, after Jesus calls Lazarus out of the tomb He tells the people to unbind him and set him free. The question is this, “Are we willing to come out of our ‘tomb’ like Lazarus?” God is going to call you out tonight. Let him unbind you and set you free!

Written by Jacob Masek
Jacob Masek hails from St. Louis, Missouri and has been helping Steubenville youth conferences since 2012 doing social media. Jacob works for Entercom Communications in downtown St. Louis where we helps companies better market themselves. One of Entercom's Stations is KMOX, which broadcasts The St. Louis Cardinals and St. Louis Blues (Stanley Cup Champions no big deal). In his spare time you can find him golfing or taking an Orangetheory Fitness class.