Restored in Jesus Christ: Kelly Colangelo

“Scars tell a story. Your scars tell a story. My scars tell a story.”

There are different kinds of scars. Some are physical, visible scars. Others are scars that no one sees.

What are the scars on your heart?

Sometimes we have a lot of scars on our hearts. We have wounds. Lies get caught there. But, Jesus transforms us.

What scars do you sit with now? Scars from family, humiliation, sin, bad habits, addictions, harsh words from others…

Our scars tell a story, but they do not end our story. “Our scars and our stories are exactly where Jesus wants to meet us.” They are how Jesus enters into our hearts. That’s where restoration begins. Our scars allow us to experience God’s glory. Through them, we come face to face with who we are and who our Creator is.

Healing is Jesus touching our scars. He wants to take us aside so that He can personally, intentionally speak into the deepest hurts of our hearts. He just wants us: our hearts as they truly are tonight, scars and all.

Jesus is not afraid of your wounds. Your scars do not scare Him. He wants to love, heal, and restore you. Jesus wants wholeness for you. “Jesus doesn’t want to start from scratch. He doesn’t want a redo. He says, ‘I want you as you are now. I desire you now.’ We just have to be open.”

Reflection Questions

How does Jesus want to restore you? Is there an aspect of life that you feel afraid to let the Lord into?
Has there been a time in your life that you experienced a sincere need for God, His love, His mercy, and His help?

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Written by Melissa Hunter