Moral Relativism – Chris Stefanick (2013)

Moral Relativism “The Greatest Problem of Our Time”

Here’s a throwback to 2013! On Saturday afternoon of SteubySTL week 2, Chris Stefanick gave his epic talk on the “the greatest problem of our time” known as Moral Relativism. In his talk, Chris exposes the philosophy of moral relativism, the lies behind it, and the challenges we face by being in a society that believes in it.

Some Quotes from the Talk

“[Moral Relativism] is the philosophy that there is no objective truth that we’re all obligated to find and conform our lives to. There’s no truth outside of us.”

“If people claim to know the truth about God…we are called intolerant, bigots, [and] we’re called haters!”

“…claiming to know about truth does not make you intolerant! Here’s the irony of the way we are re-defining tolerance nowadays: We think tolerance equals never disagreeing. Why is that ironic and crazy? Because in order to be tolerant, first…YOU GOTTA DISAGREE WITH SOMEBODY!”

“Relativism says this, if we can boil it down to one sentence: It’s true for everybody that nothing is true for everybody.”

Written by Denny Handley
Denny Handley is the Sr. Manager of Media, Marketing, and Technology for the Department of Evangelization and Parish Ministry Support in the Archdiocese of St. Louis. He's a husband, father, musician, and a true coffee nerd.