Meet Week 1 Host, Brian Kissinger

A Little Bit About Brian Kissinger

Brian Kissinger lives in Fairfax, Virginia with his wife, Courtney. He and his wife have two children; Ellie and Brian.

Brian serves as a youth minister and high school Theology of the Body teacher. He is passionate about sharing the Gospel, and emphasizes a message of hope in a culture that has lost its sense of purpose.

Brian graduated from Franciscan University and completed his master’s degree in Pastoral Theology at the Augustine Institute. His biggest fear is dancing in public, and he used to have an imaginary friend named P.J. Kuszykowski.

Brian is on the ministry team for three Steubenville conferences this summer. He is joining Steubenville St. Louis Mid-America for Week 1, July 10th-12th.

Written by Laura Dieckhoff
Originally from SW Missouri, Laura moved to St. Louis to attend Saint Louis University where she is pursuing a degree in Theology with a minor in Biology. She loves learning more about her faith and turning popular songs into meal prayers. She is also an aspiring outdoor adventure-woman who dreams of working full-time at an outdoor Catholic camp.