Masculinity Restored: Michael Gormley

For centuries, cultures across the globe had male initiation rituals that would delineate when the boys became men. But we don’t have those anymore. So what now? Because the world doesn’t need a bunch of grown boys in men’s bodies. The world needs men for others. We know that because of the fall of man we have weakened wills and dimmed intellects, so we must let God restore our understanding of masculinity.

“When I was a child, I used to talk as a child, think as a child, reason as a child; when I became a man, I put aside childish things.”

These words from St. Paul to the Corinthians remind us that becoming a man is an active pursuit; one that demands we walk away from the things of childhood, and grow into the men God has called us to be. A boy receives and looks at the world as owing him something.  A man contributes and gives to the world joyfully.  Jesus Christ expressed the perfect example of this during His passion and crucifixion when His gift literally becomes a self-sacrifice.

Fear often prevents us from doing as we ought and sin clouds our vision. We can easily get caught up in using and consuming others with no regard for their dignity.  And at some point we began to equate maturity with boredom. So while we may desire to be men for Christ we sit back and wait for someone else to lead. We cannot wait any longer. It is time to step into the men that our world, our families, our Church, and our communities need: the men God calls us to be.

Reflection Questions

What relationships or situations do I need to walk away from because they prevent me from becoming the man I’m called to be?
Who is a trusted male model of self-sacrifice that will hold me accountable and pray for and with me?

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Written by Courtney Rockamann