Leah Darrow – The Voices (Women’s Session)

Whether we wake up in a dorm at a youth conference or in our beds at home to head to work or school, we can offer our day to the Lord, and so this morning, to get us started, Leah Darrow began with The Morning Offering prayer.

And if we listen to the voice of the One who loves us most, it’s a lot easier to ignore the voices of the world – the voice of competition, or loneliness, or validation. And these are the voices that steal our joy. But we are not each other’s competition and boys are not the prize – and no one else can give us worth. There’s so much more to life than that.

Leah showed Colbie Caillat’s Try to remind us that we can’t do anything to make others love us more. We are good the way we are, but Christ wants to take us farther. He is always calling us to more. St.John Paul II said that you are unique and unrepeatable. So why do try so hard to be like everybody else?

Leah walked with the girls through her experiences in high school, college, and as a participant on America’s Next Top Model. As she listened to the voices of the world, all she got in return was emptiness and a broken heart. Because when we listen to lies, to the voice of the Thief, we stop trying when it comes to our faith. We lose the voice of our limitless God who always wants more for us.

But none of us are beyond redemption, none of are too far gone. And when we listen for the voice of our Good Shepherd, telling us the truth of who we really are, we can experience the love of our good, good Father.


“In a few minutes, we’ll be celebrating Mass. Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about yourself will be found on the altar. How often do we fail to look at the altar for our identity, instead looking at the altars of the world?”

“Authentic love will never ask you to lie; will never send you to a Confession line.”

“The only one who can heal a broken heart is the One who created it.”

Written by Rachel Leininger
Rachel Leininger is a full-time mom, author, and speaker with over 10 years of ministry experience. She's married to the excessively creative and unfairly gorgeous David. Her favorite things include decorating their home, everything Cardinals baseball, and coffee.