Katie Prejean: Talents and Discernment

Every soul is thirsting for Christ, yearning for His love. When we fall in love with Christ, we want to please Him. For many, that is easier to say than do. How do we please God and discern His will? How can we use our talents to serve God? Katie begins to answer these questions in this afternoon’s workshop.

All for Him

What everything ultimately comes down to is simply living with God’s purpose in mind. We must have the courage to ask ourselves if what we are doing would please God. If not, we have to go even further to gather the courage to stop doing it.

Our Faith Defines Us

If we have a real relationship with Christ and desire intimacy with Him, it must consume us. His identity must become our identity. When we meet people, they should know that we are Christians. That does not mean walking around waving a Bible, but it does mean not concealing our faith. It means defending Christ. The more consumed we become by Christ, the more our lives will begin to reflect His will for us.

Using Our Talents

God has lovingly given talents to every person to serve His kingdom. Growing as people of prayer will lead us to discover what these are. If you do not know what talents you have been given, ask.  God loves to help His children. The trick to this is that you have to listen. As Katie explained, in a conversation the person who is smarter usually talks more. With that in mind, we should definitely be listening to God more than we are filling prayer with our own words. The Good Father wants to speak to your heart.

Doing God’s Will

When trying to decide if an action or decision lines up with God’s will, Katie suggests asking yourself two questions:

  1. Does it make me a better person?
  2. Does it draw me closer to God?

When striving to reach Heaven, the answer to both of these questions must be yes.

Eyes on Christ

Before all else, one everything we do, our eyes should be on Christ. When Peter kept his eyes on the Lord, he walked on water. What will you allow Christ to help you do?


The Church gives us opportunities to use our gifts for God’s greater glory.

If it doesn’t make you a better person, don’t do it.  And if it leads you away from God, then run the other way.

Serve others as God would have served you.

Written by Emily Davenport
Emily is a student at Truman State University. She loves serving on the REAP team in St. Louis and spending as much time as possible with her youth group. Emily is also secretly a ninja (she has her black belt in Tae Kwon Do) and loves nothing more than driving with the windows down singing along to Taylor Swift songs.