Hidden Refuge: Jimmy Mitchell

“There is nothing more beautiful, nothing more adventurous, nothing more romantic, nothing more exciting and dangerous than a life of intimate prayer with the risen Lord.” – Jimmy Mitchell

Jimmy Mitchell dove deep into the need for all of us to cultivate a solid prayer life: to turn our inner monologue into a dialogue with Jesus, whom Jimmy calls the love of his life. Jimmy spoke of prayer as a “prelude to eternal life, a glimpse of heaven,” but oftentimes we have preconceived ideas about who should pray, or we simply have no idea where to start. We might associate prayer with older people, or people who are consecrated or ordained. St. Teresa of Avila referred to prayer as “nothing else than being on terms of friendship with God.” God desires our friendship, and “He invites us into a deep and intimate union with Him.” You could pick up a rosary, spend time in adoration, or write your prayer in a journal. A simple daily conversation with God can change the trajectory of our entire life.

It Takes Effort

Prayer often gets put at the bottom of our lists. How many times a day do we choose to check our phones? We scroll mindlessly and ignore what is going on around us and in our hearts. Jimmy reminded us that while some social media isn’t necessarily morally wrong, the problem is our addiction to it. Robert Cardinal Sarah says, “Our world no longer hears God because it is constantly speaking at a devastating speed and volume, in order to say nothing.”

“Prayer is the one place on planet Earth where you can be at peace, where the Lord is truly inviting you into his rest.” We need this respite more than ever. In a world saturated with noise, Jesus is our hidden refuge.


Follow this link to hear the talk and question/answer session in its entirety.

Written by Julie Mohan