Graduated Seniors Workshop: A Fresh Start (Brian Kissinger)

What is life after high school like?

Brian Kissinger had the opportunity to chat with the graduated seniors of the conference. He asked about what they were excited about, as well as some worries they had about this next chapter in their lives.  He reflected on the different types of soils in the parable in Matthew 13. He asked the seniors to reflect on the question, “What is the soil of my heart like?” Is it ready to receive the seeds of the good news of Christ, or is it thorny and not a suitable place for the Word to grow and flourish? In order to prepare their hearts for the good news, so that they are able to defend their faith and be a witness in college, Kissinger offered “Five Ways to Stay Rooted”. They are:

  1. Mass and Confession regularly
  2. Daily personal prayer, encounter with Christ
  3. Faith Community and Accountability
  4. Carve out time to serve others
  5. Sharing your faith, thrive not just survive, bring others to thriving

Finally, Kissinger offered some great resources to the seniors that will be able to bring with them to college. From great college outreach ministries, such as the local Newman Center, FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students)  and SPO (St. Pauls Outreach), to websites and books, Brian equips the teens to be able to tackle life after high school.

Feel free to listen to the link above for more great information from Brian!

Written by Kelsey Rohman
Hi everyone! I am a senior at Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas studying Psychology and Theology. My five main loves are Jesus, St. Louis sports (Go Cardinals and Blues!), my pets, sleep, and coffee! I'm from St. Louis and am a part of All Souls Parish in Overland.