God’s Intimacy and Commitment: Archbishop Robert Carlson

Archbishop Robert Carlson started his homily today by referring to today’s Gospel. In the reading, the Lord took his disciples to a deserted place. He related this back the journey our teens have had this weekend.

“I’m sure when you go home you’ll want to share the weekend with them (your family)… When you go home it may seem as if nothing has changed and you’re alone in how you feel. Either you can complain or you can do what we’ve been doing all weekend and spread this message. We take on the responsibility to teach others what Jesus has taught us”

Jesus invited all of us individually, in the silence of our hearts, to come close to Him this weekend.

“I hope you’ve experienced God’s love individually. Why? Because God wants to know us in an intimate way.”

If Jesus still seems far away from us, we must ask Him to come into our hearts and lives. The Lord will never turn us down.

Written by Jacob Masek
Jacob Masek hails from St. Louis, Missouri and has been helping Steubenville youth conferences since 2012 doing social media. Jacob works for Entercom Communications in downtown St. Louis where we helps companies better market themselves. One of Entercom's Stations is KMOX, which broadcasts The St. Louis Cardinals and St. Louis Blues (Stanley Cup Champions no big deal). In his spare time you can find him golfing or taking an Orangetheory Fitness class.