Fr. Leo – Alive Inside: Reclaiming Your Mind for Abundant Life

How many of us have divided, or tempted, minds? Our minds exist to help get us where we want to go. How many want to get to Heaven?

For one of this afternoon’s breakout sessions, Fr. Leo spoke to us about our minds. Our minds are searching for something true, and we have to be committed to the pursuit of truth. 

So many in our culture encourage questioning authority – but what right does anyone have to make you question authority? Questioning authority has an attitude of arrogance. Questing the Author makes us more humble.

Your decisions in life matter, just like Jesus’ decisions in the desert mattered. We need to discern what we’re taking into our bodies, and minds – and we also need people to help us integrate our mind, body, and soul so we can be healthy people.

To have a healthy mind, avoid materialism, individualism, negativity, and destructive decisions. Check your materialism – people who can buy anything become crazy. Check your stuff at home. Do you really need it?

How about individualism? We say “I just wanna be me,” and then we act like everyone else. If you want to really stand out, be a follower of Christ and a saint, today.

We will all need to be negative some times – to say no to things. But we don’t need to surround ourselves with constant negativity.

And destructive decisions, rather than discernment in decisions, is a recipe for disaster. Discern, carefully, as you make decisions. If you haven’t been able to discern the most important thing: here it is: you’re loved by God. It’s who you are.


“We need people to help us integrate our body, mind, heart, and soul.”

“I understand when people get upset about authority, because I was once a teenager upset about authority.”

“Good conversation leads to conversion.”

Written by Rachel Leininger
Rachel Leininger is a full-time mom, author, and speaker with over 10 years of ministry experience. She's married to the excessively creative and unfairly gorgeous David. Her favorite things include decorating their home, everything Cardinals baseball, and coffee.