Femininity Restored: Kelly Colangelo

Perfect. Skinny. Put together. Good with kids. Beautiful. Smart. The world has a lot of ideas about what a woman should be, and we are constantly bombarded with images of the world’s standards for us.

It’s a bunch of lies. What we need is to restore our identity of true femininity because we have an important mission as woman. The truth of who God created us to be can change how we navigate the confusing messages of the world. God created male and female with a specific purpose in mind. When we root our sense of identity in the truth of what God intends, we find freedom to be ourselves.

Pope Saint John Paul II shared with us three identities that all women have, no matter what circumstances they find themselves in or what state of life they are in currently.

  1. Daughter: one who is loved
  2. Sister: one who supports
  3. Mother: one who cares

Kelly shared with us five reminders that will help us to walk boldly in God’s vision for who we are, rejecting the lies the world has us believe. Remember…

  1. You are loved by the God of the universe, just for who you are.
  2. You have an amazing contribution to make to this world.
  3. You will only find true fulfillment in one Person: Jesus.
  4. You are not your past.
  5. The devil is a liar.

The God who loves you exactly as you are, who sees you and knows you, has a beautiful future in store for you. He claims us as His own, and He restores us.

Reflection Questions

As you think through those three identities of daughter, sister, and mother, which one resonates most strongly? Is there one in particular that you’d like the love of God to heal and restore?

Which of the five reminders is most meaningful for you? Is there one that someone your life might need to hear from you?

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Written by Melissa Hunter