Femininity Restored: Chika Anyanwu

This summer, Chika Anyanwu is speaking at Steubenville conferences for the first time! Before lunch, she shared some beautiful insights with all the ladies, providing a vision for what authentically restored femininity looks like.

She began by reminding us that we were created good. In the book of Genesis, Adam looked around at all the creatures and named them. He saw that he did not belong with them. That’s when Eve entered the picture. She was good, and Adam saw in her a companion. Eve’s first identity is in being found and being seen as good. As women, we claim that identity, too.

Unfortunately, one little lie about our identities can spread. We start thinking that because we don’t have the same gifts or life as other people, we aren’t good. In the same way that Satan planted seeds of doubt in Eve’s heart about the goodness of God, we doubt our goodness.

Those things that are true, good, and beautiful, are things the devil tires to twist and manipulate. The place where Eve was originally found and called good, becomes a place of hiding and searching for everything except God. So, we ask God, “How do you see me as good? Tell me who I am. Show me who I am.”

Daughter, Sister, Mother

No matter your experience of your earthly father, you are still a daughter. You are the most beloved daughter of the most high King. God pursues you and claims you as His own.

As sisters to one another, we have the opportunity to see each other not as competition but as community. “I can do things that you cannot. You can do things I cannot. Together we can do great things.” – Saint Theresa of Calcutta. We walk with each other. We lift each other up, and we call each other to future holiness.

As spiritual mothers, we create space in our hearts for other human beings. We extend compassion. We help others feel welcome and loved.

Authentic, restored femininity is beloved daughters of the King, walking together as sisters, and making space for each other as mothers.

Reflection Questions:

Are there wounds in your sense of yourself as daughter? as sister? as spiritual mother?
Do those wounds cause you to chase after false identities in the world?
What is God telling your heart about who you are?


You can view this talk by clicking here to check out the live stream feed!

Written by Melissa Hunter