Fearlessly Created: Brian Greenfield

“For I know well the plans I have in mind for you… plans for your welfare and not for woe, so as to give you a future of hope.”
– Jeremiah 29:11

God created us for fearless relationship with Him. From that beginning, we enter a life that sometimes throws us situations that seem bigger than we can handle – situations that leave us feeling alone. In that space, we can start to doubt and ask hard questions.

Does God see me?
Does God love me enough to change this situation for me?
Is there something wrong with me?

Somewhere along the way, we might start to believe that God is not the answer to the problems in our lives. The voices that whisper distorted lies of fear and shame impede our ability to fearlessly pursue the love of God.

Tonight, Brian shared about a difficult time in his life when he was bombard with voices… voices of fear, doubt, lonliness, and inadequacy. As he approached the scene of his wife and children’s car accident, he was so overwhelmed by all the lies being thrown at him by the Enemy, that for a time, those voices drowned out the One that was speaking truth: the Voice of God.

When we find ourselves in situations too big for us to handle, it’s easy to forget that we are fearlessly made, of immeasurable worth, and completely loved. We have to choose: which voice will you listen to? What voices will you let into your heart? Will it be the voice of condemnation, rooted in fear, or will you choose to listen to the voice of truth?

When we focus on the negative voices, we separate ourselves from God. When we look at the world, without God, it is a scary place. However, when we choose to fearlessly move closer to God, we see hope. That is where we discover the intentional purpose of our lives.

You can watch the full Friday night session on our live stream.

Written by Melissa Hunter