Enough: Sr. Josephine Garrett

“Is it easy to be a woman?”

No. Women are a tremendous gift to the world, and so often we don’t realize the value and power of our dignity.

There’s a trend in popular culture to use the idea that you are “enough” as some kind of emotional consolation. While it is true that you do not have to prove your worth to anyone, it is dangerous to think that we do not need anyone but ourselves. Sr. Josephine shared how that mindset was dangerous in her life. In a relatable story, she described finding success in the world even while being hurt, ashamed, and struggling internally. When she realized that she wasn’t enough on her own – and didn’t have to be – she was saved.

In many ways, the battle for our worth comes down to this question: Who will I let author my life? We often speak about God’s authority. He is our author. The voices of the world, the Enemy, and sometimes our own voices, try to take that authorship away from God. When that happens, we begin to define ourselves by lies. But, the good news is, we always have a choice!

We can ask the Lord to speak to our hearts, and He will. He will give us His words, and we can learn to recognize His voice. His voice always comes with peace, a tone of invitation, and words that confirm the dignity that we have as women.

How can you dig more deeply into the your beautiful, God-given feminie identity?

Watch the entire women’s session here.

Written by Melissa Hunter