Elevated Living: Kyle Heimann

This morning, Kyle began his talk by telling us about a trip that he once took to the Grand Canyon. He talked about how when he hiked to the Canyon he stood near the edge and was able to see the incredible view, without actually going into the canyon.

He then compared our faith to hiking the Grand Canyon.

“Our faith is the same way as hiking the Grand Canyon,
we want to be good Catholics but we often want to do the bare minimum.”

He talked about how we can see the beauty of the church by doing the bare minimum, but whenever we go above and beyond and deeper into our faith, we always get a better perspective. If he would’ve gone all the way into the canyon, his perspective would’ve been completely different.

Teens were reminded that, “The deeper we go into our faith, the more beautiful this church becomes.” He encouraged us to not settle and to continue to take our faith deeper even after this weekend ends.

He reminded us that God works through all of us in different ways, and that we cannot compare our experience this weekend to other people. The key is that we keep going and continue diving deeper into our relationship with Christ. He challenged us to do this by- making Sunday Mass a priority, going to Confession regularly, adding 10 minutes of prayer to our day, reading the Scriptures often, participating in parish life, and finding an accountability partner.

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Written by Audrey Masek
Audrey recently graduated from Truman State University with a Masters Degree in Elementary Education and is a Kindergarten Teacher. Audrey has been apart of the social media team for Steubenville Mid-America for the past 6 years. In her free time Audrey enjoys spending time with friends and family.