Workshop for Seniors – Dan Harms: Now What?

Dan Harms gave a special workshops for graduating seniors. He offered these tips for the graduating seniors:

  • Know the dangers that you will face.
  • Prepare to face the temptation.
  • Set expectations for yourself.
  • Pray and stay close to the sacraments.

He then discussed the following hot topics with Pete Burds and Kris Frank:

  • Money
  • Facing situations with alcohol and drugs
  • Purity/chastity
  • How to stay a saint

Check out the audio to hear theses men reflect on these topics from their own personal college experiences.



Written by Missy Naumann
Missy Naumann lives in St. Charles, MO with her husband Ted and their four kids; Sam, Abby, Ben and Mary. Since her kids are now all teenagers and older, she keeps up on their activities by stalking their SnapChat accounts. Her day job is working for a social service agency in St. Charles, Sts. Joachim and Ann Care Service. In her free time she loves spending time with her family, photography, and the great outdoors!