Commitment to Christ with Bishop Rice

Tonight, Bishop Rice talked about the best Confession he ever made in his life – when he was one week shy of his 50th birthday. The penance was especially extraordinary for him; he was told to go into the chapel and “just thank God that you are His son, that you are a child of God.”

This truth can easily go in one ear and out the other, but it is important that we claim it in our hearts. This is our greatest identity: we are children of God.

We were blessed to have Bishop Rice lead us in a prayer that, for some of the teens here tonight, might be the most important prayer of their lives: a prayer of commitment to Christ.


“You make Him smile.”

“The greatest dignity that we have is to be a child of God.”

“God is fascinated by each one of us.”

“He never ceases to draw us to Himself.”

Written by Paul Masek
Paul Masek is Lisa's husband and is honored to be the father of four practically perfect kids ~ Jacob, Audrey, Kyle, & Dominic. For fun, Paul loves hunting, fishing, eating, and hanging out with the fam. He claims to be the funniest person he has ever met - and his wife says he hasn't met enough people - because she is funnier. He also loves stirring it up and is the director of the REAP Team for the Archdiocese of St. Louis. You can find out more about Paul by following him on Twitter & Insta - @clasekmasek