Closing Mass with Archbishop Carlson

Jesus’s Heart Is Moved With Pity For Us

Archbishop Carlson (along with 41 priests) presided at our closing Mass, and it was a powerful celebration of the abundant life that the Lord wants for all of us.

In today’s Gospel, when Jesus “…saw the vast crowd, his heart was moved with pity for them, for they were like sheep without a shepherd; and he began to teach them many things.” We certainly are a vast crowd. His heart was moved with pity for us – especially in the sacrament of Reconciliation. And the Lord definitely taught us many things this weekend.

After the proclamation of the Gospel, Archbishop Carlson expressed his delight in being here with us.

We, as St. Paul said in the second reading, have received a blessed opportunity to ‘come near’ to Jesus Christ who is the Bread of Life. Jesus wants to continually draw all of us nearer to Him, regardless of whether we are already close to Him or whether we feel distant.

Archbishop Carlson led us all in a beautiful prayer, which he had us repeat after him. We invite you to listen to and pray that prayer, above. It is a prayer that we should never stop praying – an honest prayer of commitment to Jesus, the Good Shepherd, who came to give us abundant life.


“I hope that on this weekend you have discovered that Jesus’ mercy, Jesus’ generosity, Jesus’ power is limitless.”

“You have been in the holy presence of God, and in so many ways the Lord was happy that you were here and that He could minister to you and be with you in faith, that He could open your hearts to all that He desires to give you.”

“Keep close to me as I return home. Let me know your voice. Remove those obstacles from my life that keep me from you. Lord Jesus, give me the strength to welcome you into my life.”


Written by Paul Masek
Paul Masek is Lisa's husband and is honored to be the father of four practically perfect kids ~ Jacob, Audrey, Kyle, & Dominic. For fun, Paul loves hunting, fishing, eating, and hanging out with the fam. He claims to be the funniest person he has ever met - and his wife says he hasn't met enough people - because she is funnier. He also loves stirring it up and is the director of the REAP Team for the Archdiocese of St. Louis. You can find out more about Paul by following him on Twitter & Insta - @clasekmasek