Be a Witness: Sunday Mass

What does our faith mean to us – both as individuals and as a Church?

In today’s first reading, we hear the story of the prophet Amos. Amos was called by God, but he didn’t desire to be a prophet. He didn’t know how to prophesy when God called him, but he still said yes. He trusted that God would provide what was necessary. Amos went and told God’s people to reform, turn away from their sins, and be faithful to God. King Amaziah sent Amos away, because like many of us, he didn’t want to hear a challenging message. But Amos never gave up, because he knew God’s call for him was real. Even though it was difficult to pursue God’s calling, Amos stayed faithful.

When we hear today’s Gospel, we see the disciples experiencing a call like Amos. The disciples walked with Jesus, heard His preaching, saw His miracles, but He called them to more – He didn’t want them to only be witnesses. Jesus asked them to go forth and preach His message. It’s likely they battled with fear and doubt, but they still obeyed. The disciples went out, preached the good news, and performed miracles. Jesus sent the disciples out with no material goods – they weren’t allowed to take extra clothes, food, or money – but He provided them with everything they needed: His Word.

The Gospel was recorded so that we could hear the words Jesus shared with the disciples. Those words are meant for us; we are called to bring His words to others. He entrusts us with the precious gift of the Gospel, just like He trusted His close friends, the disciples.

In today’s second reading, we heard St. Paul tell the Ephesians to be thankful for the gift of the Holy Spirit that they received through baptism.

Their story is our story.

This weekend, we had the opportunity to reflect on our Catholic faith, to pray, and to reconcile with Jesus. As we head home, now is the time to unite with our brother, Amos, and follow God’s call for us. Like the disciples, we are being sent out with God’s word and asked to proclaim that good news to everyone. While you begin this journey, hold on to Paul’s challenge to the Ephesians, and be grateful for the gift of the Holy Spirit.

The power of the Word, Jesus in the Eucharist, and the gifts the Holy Spirit are all we need for this journey.

Go in peace, glorifying the Lord by your life.

Written by Kristina Radley
Kristina has served in youth ministry since 2010. She enjoys spending time with her handsome husband and kids, listening to stand up comedy, and trying to make her cat proud of her life choices.