We Adore Jesus

Year after year we are unworthy.  Year after year He comes to us.  Year after year we are thirsty.  Year after year He satisfies us.  Year after year we long to draw near to Him. Year after year He touches our hearts as we adore Him.

The beauty of Adoration at SteubySTL is always powerful, and this year was no exception.

Before the monstrance was even brought out, everyone in the room spoke aloud a “yes” to whatever Christ had in store.  Our Lord does not disappoint.

Jesus spoke into hearts tonight the same words He spoke from the cross so long ago: “I thirst.”  And as He thirsts for our love, we thirst for Him.  

Recognizing who was coming among them, teens dropped to their knees. They raised their hands to draw closer to Him as He passed by. They asked Him for what they needed.

Every experience of Adoration is an exchange of love between our Father and his children. He’s always ready, waiting to listen to our needs. And He wants to speak with us, through song and through silence.

It is impossible to explain the difference in the arena after Jesus had made his way through the crowd, touching every heart. But you can feel it. You can hear it.  The arena exploded with the sound of over 4,000 teenagers in worship of a Father who loves, a Savior who never disappoints, and a Spirit who inspires.

Christ loves us so much that He not only wants to spend time with us in Adoration, but He also wants to become one with us in Holy Communion every time we attend Mass.

Written by Emily Davenport
Emily is a student at Truman State University. She loves serving on the REAP team in St. Louis and spending as much time as possible with her youth group. Emily is also secretly a ninja (she has her black belt in Tae Kwon Do) and loves nothing more than driving with the windows down singing along to Taylor Swift songs.