Women’s Session: Made New in Christ

The women spent their morning together sharing and praying about how to be “women in love.”

During the women’s session, Katie Hartfiel shared her own experience of learning to live as a woman in love with the Lord.  She explains that to do that, our answer to Jesus must always be “yes.”  That simple “yes” to Jesus that changes everything.  He dwells within us, and we are called to radiate that love to everyone we encounter.  Katie shared the example of a friend who was able to be a witness of her faith simply through her love of the Lord.  When at a party, her friend was asked what it was that made her look so radiantly in love.  She was single, but radiated the joy of a woman deeply in love.  What followed was a long conversation about her love of Jesus- the source of her joy.

When women let Jesus into every part of their lives, His deep love transforms hearts.  Jesus loves to use our love of Him to share with others.  However, Katie shared with the women that Jesus also desires to transform us and make us new.  She talked about the Gospel story of the woman caught in adultery (John 8).  In this passage, Jesus is depicted showing His forgiving love to the woman. She is at her weakest, most humiliating moment.  It is then, that Jesus comes into the picture and sends her off to become a new creation, sinning no more.

Katie gave the women in the room today the same opportunity.  They spent time in prayer and praise and worship together as sisters.  It was a time to invite Jesus into every part of our lives, especially the messy parts.  After all, every one of us is invited to be made new in Christ.

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Written by Emily Davenport
Emily is a student at Truman State University. She loves serving on the REAP team in St. Louis and spending as much time as possible with her youth group. Emily is also secretly a ninja (she has her black belt in Tae Kwon Do) and loves nothing more than driving with the windows down singing along to Taylor Swift songs.