Team Witness – Fruits of the Spirit

This morning, to help us prepare to head home, the speaking team offered a few thoughts on the Fruits of the Holy Spirit – these gifts that God wants to give us to help us live the life He’s calling us to.

Adam Bitter: Peace

There is a difference between being a peace-maker and a peace-keeper. A lot of time we let bad things happen in our lives we don’t like. Be a peacemaker – confront those things in our lives and bring them to God.

Jimmy Mitchell: Patience

To wait is to hope. To wait for God in patience doesn’t always come naturally. We have to be patient with ourselves. The reality is that God doesn’t want us to always struggle. We have to love people well and be patient with them along the way. Our Father is a good Father and will never give up on us.

David Calavitta: Joy

Joy is bigger than happiness. God wants to give us more than the superficial happiness the world gives us. Joy gives us the ability to smile, to know there’s hope, and to remember that God is good. Joy is the secret of the Christian. We must leave this place with joy.

Leah Darrow: Kindness

Everyone is fighting a battle. Some are silent and some are apparent. This world would be a lot better if we are more kind to one another. You may be the only copy of the Gospel people will read. Show this in your kindness to others.

Fr. Leo: Faithfulness

Our faith is incarnate. Character can be defined as doing the right thing even when no one is watching; God notices. We need to be faithful to family, friends, the joys of life, and the food God gives us in Communion. Faithfulness means always getting up when we fall.

Ennie Hickman: Love

Loving God is the greatest command. Love God above everything. Love your neighbor as yourself. Love God in the sacraments. Love will transform the world. This requires us to get out of our comfort zone, but love is what the world desperately needs.

Written by Jacob Masek
Jacob Masek hails from St. Louis, Missouri and has been helping Steubenville youth conferences since 2012 doing social media. Jacob works for Entercom Communications in downtown St. Louis where we helps companies better market themselves. One of Entercom's Stations is KMOX, which broadcasts The St. Louis Cardinals and St. Louis Blues (Stanley Cup Champions no big deal). In his spare time you can find him golfing or taking an Orangetheory Fitness class.