Humans of SteubySTL: Travis

If he were a Pokémon, he’d be Snorlax– “You know the one that sleeps all the time?”– the faint aroma of coffee beans makes more sense.

Making the 500-mile pilgrimage to Steubenville Mid-America from the Diocese of Sioux City in Iowa is our next Human of SteubySTL, seminarian Travis Crotty. He’s a four-time attendee of the Steubenville Conference, second-time chaperone. But he’s seasoned for sure: “The first time, I was woken up by a phone call at 1am by a participant that one of his friends was playing PokémonGo outside.” And then we talk a lot about Pokémon and sleep, which naturally leads us to one of Travis’ greatest passions: gourmet coffee. His go-to? Guatamalen pour-over.

His love for the teens is evident, and the light-hearted jesting happening behind him during our chat makes me think they don’t mind him too much either. Travis has a ministerial heart for sure– the best part of the Conference for him? “Ah, definitely looking out and seeing all of the youth of the generation I get to be a pastor to someday.”

He wants the attendees to live the spirit of Steubenville year-round: “Go to Adoration as much as possible, frequent the Sacrament of Reconciliation, keep going to Mass, stay connected with your youth group,” (#retweet).

Written by Evie Sue
My mom is from the South, which landed me a double first name. I love Jesus and sweet tea, but only when mixed with lemonade (the tea, not Jesus). I have freckles on just one side of my face, am often mistaken for a ginger, and work as Catholic youth minister for the Archdiocese of St. Louis. Pretty social for an introvert: @eviesueward