Humans of Steuby STL: Denny and Tammy Handley

If you want to know the true definition of relationship goals, meet Denny and Tammy Handley. With this being Tammy’s 9th Steubenville Conference and Denny’s 30th, they absolutely make this weekend a significant part of their lives.

Aside from eating Chick-fil-A in the PSU and jamming to Adam Bitter playing their favorite songs, Closer and Light the Fire, they love seeing many teens’ hearts being touched by God in different ways throughout the years.

Denny’s favorite Steuby moment thus far was in 2014 when they began to do a Call to Baptism during the Vocations Call at the end of the weekend. The following year, a girl named Rebecca Wood stood up at this moment and by 2016, she was baptized into the Catholic Church.

Working a the Media Specialist for the Catholic Youth Apostolate and director of the Production Team for Steuby STL, he’s had the opportunity to witness incredible transformations such as Rebecca’s right before his eyes.

And now you’re probably thinking, this is a really cute couple – they share their love for Steuby together! But wait…there’s more: When Denny was a teen, before he and Tammy dated, he signed a chastity card at the Men’s Session one year. Years later, he gave that signed card to Tammy the night he proposed!

If you catch either Denny or Tammy this weekend, be sure to say hello!

Written by Erika Olsen
My friends claim I speak in two different languages: English and Twitter. I'm a sophomore at Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana studying Marketing and Political Science. I love retreats, Starbucks coffee, Parks and Recreation and am obsessed with holding various leadership positions! I'm from St. Louis, MO and serve on College Core at Ascension in Chesterfield.