Humans of SteubySTL: Paul Villhard & Brian Habiger

These men are good friends who have been coming to Steubenville for over 15 years! They’ve come as chaperones, but we think they are most famous in their current roles as ushers down on the floor. Enjoy reading more about these humans!

How do you spend your time outside of Steuby?
working on cars and in the garden/yard
Brian: I am a compliance manager at AT&T, married for 31 years, have 5 awesome kids, one daughter-in-law, and soon will have a son-in-law.

What is your favorite part of the weekend?
: Seeing teens change with the Holy Spirit’s guidance
Brian: Seeing the excitement and transformation in teens throughout the weekend

Do you have any advice for the youth to keep the spirit of Steuby year round?
Paul: Prayer and having an accountability partner
Brian: Weekly or even daily Mass and weekly participation in your youth group

Do you have a funny or favorite story of Steuby years past?
All the times with teens waiting behind the gates to get into the venue
Brian: When I challenged my good friend Paul to put a small pool floatation ring on … and he did successfully!

Are there any fun facts about yourself that you would like to share with our readers?
I enjoy working with teens.
Brian: I pretty much love any activity outdoors, especially hunting and fishing.

Editors Note: These guys are great ushers who are beyond entertaining with their banter over the headsets! We affectionately call them our “stage bouncers” because they always request to be assigned on the floor near the stage.

Written by Melissa Hunter