Humans of SteubySTL – Meet the Interns!

We want to introduce you to the 2018 interns of the Office of Youth Ministry for the Archdiocese of St. Louis— Joe, Katie, Sam, and Chris.

These amazing humans work all summer to make sure that both of our conferences go as planned! They have, collectively, been to 18 Steubenville Conferences! They have gone as teens, young adults, youth minister interns, chaperones, ushers, seminarians, and now as interns.


Joe is in his second year at Saint Louis University studying philosophy and business. He is currently training for a marathon and loves to challenge others to pancake cook-offs. His pancakes have never lost! Joe coordinated all of the housing for the conferences. His favorite part of SteubySTL is the companionship fostered among groups as they encounter Jesus throughout the weekend.


Katie is a senior at Saint Louis University studying education and theology. She loves her dog (Winston), pineapples, and Dr. Pepper. This is her eighth SteubySTL! Katie helped with the seating for the conferences. Katie’s favorite part of Steubenville is the unlimited ice cream in the dining halls and getting the opportunity to see teens encounter Christ in a new way.


This fun gal is a senior at Truman State University and is studying Communications. She is the president of the Newman Center at her school and loves Netflix! She worked closely with LEAD and helped with all of the seating for the conferences. Her favorite Steuby memory was a dance off that she and other ushers, including religious sisters, had. She claims that she won. Sam loves being a part of such a large and vibrant group of young Catholics, especially when it comes time for the dance party after Sunday Mass.


Seminarian Chris is going into his third year of theology at Kenrick- Glennon Seminary. Chris is a convert to Catholicism and was a pharmacist for six years before entering seminary. His advice for the weekend is to not treat SteubySTL as a vacation, but as a time to review where you are spiritually and to make a resolution on what you will change after the weekend. He encourages you to find someone who will hold you accountable for these resolutions and have them check in with you weekly or monthly.

If you see any of our interns at any time during either of our conferences this summer, be sure to greet them, thank them for their service, and consider perhaps giving them a handshake, a high-five, or an awkward side hug!

Written by Katie Mentel