How Great is Your Love?

Saturday night Adoration – easily considered by many to be the “culminating” event of each Steubenville conference. The time when Christ speaks directly into our hearts; all of our wounds, our fears, our struggles, along with our joys, celebrations and hopes. God is good. He moves in big ways and does big things. But what if you don’t feel Him moving? What if you don’t feel Him doing big things? Is He still there? Do I still belong to Him?

Fr. Martin processed in with Jesus and knelt before Him on the altar. He led us in praying the Litany of Trust and one line stood out to me, “From the lie that I don’t belong, deliver me Jesus.” As I sat and adored our Lord, I found myself repeating this line over and over and offering up all of you as I did. “From the lie that I don’t belong…from the lie that I don’t belong… Lord, help your children know they are loved. Help them to know they belong!”

Because the truth is, whether this is your first or your hundredth experience in Eucharistic Adoration, whether He is moving in big ways or you’re struggling to even know He exists… YOU BELONG. You belong here. You are wanted. You are welcome. You are called here by a God that loves you so much that He humbled Himself and died on a cross for the chance to be united with you one day in Heaven.

My prayer tonight is one of gratitude and thanksgiving; praising the Lord for the gift that you are in this world. Whoever you are, whoever needs to hear this… you matter, you are wanted, you belong. Our Lord and Savior declares it Himself.

Written by Lara Piszar
Hello! My name is Lara - it's not LAURA - but I probably won't correct you if you get it wrong. In real life, I work for a retreat ministry called the REAP Team. In my down time, I'm full time dog mom to my fur baby, Grantley. My favorite way to pray is through journaling. My preference is black sharpie pens and I only write on the left side of my journals. Jesus once told me that it doesn't count if you use the right side (just kidding, He didn't say that. I am just picky). Follow me and my cute doggo on Instagram @hellolara.p & @hello.grantley. I promise you won't regret it!