Adoration Reflection: Jesus in the Stairwell

“Jesus in the Stairwell”- that was my immediate caption to this picture that my sister Lisa took during Saturday night Adoration. At first I thought the stairwell wasn’t the most becoming location for a photo op. I mean, stairwells are those places with no décor, full of brick and concrete. They are more out of purpose and less about “show”. Maybe I also kind of think of creepy stuff happening in stairwells. I’m sure that’s because I’ve seen too many movies where people are trying to escape some evil in places like that. When I’m in a stairwell, I usually want to get out of it as soon as possible and get to my destination.

My other thought about the picture was that there was no one around Him adoring him. Doesn’t he deserve a picture with at least some hands raised up towards Him? Some reverent faces gazing up at Him? He’s all alone! But then I thought again. How like Jesus to turn His back from the spotlight and to seek out the person at the bottom of the stairwell. How like Him to prefer this humble spot to reveal His glory. After all, He came to us from the womb of a humble virgin. And when he was laid in a manger, did you know that it is actually a feeding trough for animals?

I’m like so many people who puts Jesus in a box. We sometimes prefer Him to stay in His place…in the beautifully ornate monstrance on the altar. When really He wants to climb into section MM like he did during Adoration in this huge arena. He wants to leave His post to find the lost sheep. He wants to find you in those dark, ugly places that you prefer to keep hidden from Him – and he wants to be with you there. Nothing is hidden from Him. Nothing is too messy for Him. No place is too evil for Him to come and bring His light and His truth and His glory, to be revealed.

So where are you? Are you in an ugly stairwell when you really wanted to take the elevator and skip it all? Invite Jesus into the mess of whatever it is. Jesus wants to join you there to bring healing and hope.

Before Fr. Martin processed with Jesus in the monstrance around the arena, he prayed, “Jesus we give you permission to come into our lives to show us the Father’s love. Tonight as the Lord processes around the arena…call out to Him and ask Him for what your heart desires…Let Jesus do the will of the Father tonight. Holy Spirit, come! Help us to pray. “

Written by Missy Naumann
Missy Naumann lives in St. Charles, MO with her husband Ted and their four kids; Sam, Abby, Ben and Mary. Since her kids are now all teenagers and older, she keeps up on their activities by stalking their SnapChat accounts. Her day job is working for a social service agency in St. Charles, Sts. Joachim and Ann Care Service. In her free time she loves spending time with her family, photography, and the great outdoors!