Authentic Friendships as a Woman in Christ

Noelle Garcia had the opportunity to speak to the ladies of the conference today on the topic of authentic friendships. We as a generation consider ourselves very lonely, despite the amount of “friends” we may have and the amount of “likes” we receive on social media.

We need relationships to survive. Specifically, we need our female friendships. Women are sensitive; we are able to sense. We can sense when others are in need. We can sense when someone needs us. So, Noelle challenges us to have this attitude toward our friends: “You are responsible for them and getting them through this journey.” That journey can be many things ranging from one bad instance in their life to the journey to Heaven.

We are responsible for each person? Even that one person that annoys me?

Noelle quoted St. Teresa of Avila,

“For there is nothing, however annoying, that cannot easily be borne by those who love each other.”

However, many of us have been hurt. We have been betrayed. How can we bear the hurt and annoyances? How can we love someone who has hurt us?

Noelle continued by talking about Aristotle’s highest level of friendship: prayer and grace. The highest form of friendship is allowing God to transform our relationships.

Noelle gave some practical advice on how to allow God to transform your relationships. She says,

“If you have feelings of jealousy, say thank you to God for that person’s gifts. Give yourself the capacity to see what God sees in that person.”

“If you sees what God sees in a person, you will be able to then see what God sees in yourself.”

Written by Kelsey Rohman
Hi everyone! I am a senior at Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas studying Psychology and Theology. My five main loves are Jesus, St. Louis sports (Go Cardinals and Blues!), my pets, sleep, and coffee! I'm from St. Louis and am a part of All Souls Parish in Overland.