Vocations Call: A Call to Greatness

“I am really, really, proud of you.”

Fr. Mike Schmitz began his vocational call by thanking every vocation in the house. He thanked the single people, the married people, and the religious. Everyone is called to some vocation, and it is inspiring to see so many people answering their call through Christ.

In his address to our ladies, Fr. Mike said when Christ calls a woman to religious life, Christ says “I want you to exist as my bride in a unique way.” He calls them His bride before they are even conceived. He then called forward all the women who felt that God may be calling them to be his bride. Fr. Mike instructed them to:

  1. Have regular dates with Jesus
  2. Talk to a sister or vocation director
  3. Visit a religious community
  4. Do not be afraid

And then he called the men. Fr. Mike Schmitz explained that this is not a time for easy, lukewarm priesthood. This is a time for heroic priesthood. Furthermore, he explained that this is a time to die to yourself, and live for Christ. He gave some advice to the men who felt this calling to heroic priesthood.

  1. Spend time with Jesus
  2. Love Mary and get to know her
  3. Visit a seminary or monastery
  4. Do not be afraid

We love you all and are so proud of you. We will continue to pray for your spiritual journey.

Finally, as we’ve said many times this weekend, thank you to all our priests, deacons, seminarians, religious brothers, and religious sisters!

Written by Kelsey Rohman
Hi everyone! I am a senior at Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas studying Psychology and Theology. My five main loves are Jesus, St. Louis sports (Go Cardinals and Blues!), my pets, sleep, and coffee! I'm from St. Louis and am a part of All Souls Parish in Overland.