Vocations Call

This weekend we were joined 4 Religious Sisters from 2 different communities and 39 priests. While all of us are called to be saints through the universal call to holiness, Christ has set some apart for priesthood and religious life.

To the Men:

Jesus was a living sacrifice of praise so that God the Father’s love can be made present and known in the world. The priesthood allows for young men to do the same: to lay down their lives so that God’s children can encounter Him in the Sacraments. If your heart is moved by this idea and you think God may be inviting you to discern the priesthood:

  1. Be a man of prayer before all else. Scripture tells us that Jesus called those whom He wanted, not those who were worthy.  Get to know Him as a friend.
  2. Conform yourself to Christ the man before you conform yourself to Christ the priest. This means you are actively pursuing virtue.
  3. Discernment is not a private or individual thing; it happens in the midst of the Church.  You aren’t alone, so seek out your diocesan vocation director, ask for the prayers of your youth group, and allow others to be in it with you.

To the Women:

This world will never be enough because we aren’t made for the world. Thankfully we have the consecrated life which bears witness that heaven and Jesus are real and worth it. The vows of chastity, poverty, and obedience allow sisters to live heaven on earth. Although it isn’t easy, it is worth it. If Jesus has planted a seed in your heart to be His bride here are a few things you can do to follow-up with Him:

  1. Prayer. Grow in friendship and intimacy with the Lord. We know the voices of the people we spend time with, so be with Jesus as often as you can.
  2. Let Scripture speak to you, but also let God speak to you through other people, song lyrics, or whatever else He wants to use.
  3. Don’t focus on the end or be overwhelmed about all the communities that are options. Just do the next right thing. Walk gradually with the Lord and with our Mother Mary, do not be in a rush.

Pray for one another and for an abundance of generosity as people of faith respond to God’s plan for their lives!

Watch The Vocations Call

Written by Courtney Rockamann