12 Resources for Women Who Are Discerning Religious Life

Interested in the Religious Life? What’s Next?

During your weekend at Steubenville and in the weeks that have followed, maybe you have felt a tug on your heart to consider a vocation to the consecrated religious. If so, there are plenty of resources to help you with your discernment. Just as Sr. Consolata and the many religious sisters who were present at Steubenville (including the Sisters of St. Fancis, Carmelite Sisters, and Daughters of St. Paul)  were eager to converse with you, there are religious orders all over waiting to help you.

So how do you know if there are orders or religious sisters near you? The St. Louis Archdiocese Office of Consecrated Life and the Office of Vocations are great resources to get more information on religious orders in the St. Louis Area and check out all kinds of events that are offered. As part of the Year of Consecrated Life, communities all throughout the St. Louis Archdiocese are holding open houses for those who want a taste of the religious life. There are also a number of opportunities for retreats, service with sisters, and Nun Runs. Contact the office or find an order of interest and contact them directly!

If you’re not in the St. Louis area, check out your local diocese’s website for information on vocations to the consecrated life. They provide tons of information on how to go about your discernment, and may even have information on religious orders in your area.

As Sr. Consolata instructed, continue to pray about how Jesus is calling you to draw closer to him. Spend time with Him in Adoration and prayer. We cannot come to know what He wills of us without first recognizing His voice through our personal encounter with Him.

Other resources:

A Love Letter From Jesus to the Women

“Do you trust Me?

Do you put limits on His Love?

Side note – Jesus cannot be outdone in generosity – offer our fear, our inadequacies, our weakness, and He transforms us by His power

Yet – it is not about your gifts, it is about who you are to Me. I love you. I choose you. Will you be Mine – completely – totally – forever?

Will you give Me everything? I wait for you always. I will never leave you. Never. I hold you close – Be not afraid to be with Me. I will, I want to be your joy, your life. Will you let me love you in ways beyond your imagination?

I want you, I want to be with you. Yes, I want each one of you. This isn’t about a religious vocation. This about My love for you.   Yes, even you – the one who is so afraid of Me right now, that you are not listening. (He smiled.) This is about eternity – and I want you with me forever. Begin with coming to Me. Be with Me. I long for you more than you long for love. Seek Me and I will overwhelm you. Do you trust Me? Do you trust Me? I love you with a pure heart and with a pure love. My Heart beats for you. (SMILE) Stay close to my Mother. She will hold you, protect you, guide you. I give her to you.

Do not question, but believe. Act. Surrender. I will complete your every desire. I am truth. I am yours. Will you be mine? Image of His Heart – in His Hands extending it to you, waiting, for you to respond. I delight in you. Can I consume every part of you? The fire of my love burns for you…Yes, even you who thinks you are unworthy. Trust Me! My love is more powerful than your weakness. My love is more powerful than your fear. Take courage. Surrender to My love, the mystery of My love – yes – let go of control J – and be at peace. Will you let Me amaze you? I want to see your smile. I want you. I invite you to bring souls – others – to Me. Will you first be Mine?”

-St. Consolata Crews, FSGM at the Vocations Call- Sunday, July 19th, 2015

Written by Laura Dieckhoff
Originally from SW Missouri, Laura moved to St. Louis to attend Saint Louis University where she is pursuing a degree in Theology with a minor in Biology. She loves learning more about her faith and turning popular songs into meal prayers. She is also an aspiring outdoor adventure-woman who dreams of working full-time at an outdoor Catholic camp.