Men Without Fear: David Calavitta

What is masculinity? What does it mean to be a man? These are questions that David Calavitta helped the men at the conference explore during his talk this afternoon. When we dig into the etymology of the word masculinity, we discover it refers to something that is worthy of a man. The word itself points to the way in which men were created to exist; it tells us there is a worthy life that can be lived – one that aligns with the way a man was created.

“Your masculinity, as designed by God, given to you by God, is not bad. It is nothing you ever need to apologize for. It is a gift that God has given you and given the world through you.”

What is at Stake?

Men are meant to reflect a certain aspect of who God is. Together, man and woman present a more complete image of who God is. If one of those identities is mising, the image of God is not fully presented to the world. Men exist as a reflection of who we know God to be. So, how do we sort through the lies from society and come to know the truth of masculinity?

“Nothing will lead you to understand who you are more than clinging to God’s will. Only God will make sense of your heart, because only God created it.”

The futher a man strays from God, the more susceptible he is to the lies and confusion presented by the world. However, the closer he draws to God, the more he will know, understand, and live as God’s son. This journey begins now and continues through every season of life. Refusing the journey – refusing to live worthy of the way man was created – causes society to suffer.

Lies to Avoid

To be a man you have to be…
– self-sufficient
– apathetic
– pursuing power
– pursuing pleasure

A Choice From Scripture

In Genesis, Adam sat silently on the sidelines as Satan destroyed what God intended for the world. In the New Testament, Jesus entered the world and does what masculinity was meant to do all along. He stood between Satan and the people of God, laying down His own life for the truth of the Father’s love. Adam failed to intervenve; Jesus did the opposite. Whose example will you follow?

“Don’t accept cowardice when you are called to greatness.”

The men’s session is available for viewing here.

Written by Melissa Hunter