Men Without Fear: Brian Greenfield

Every man has a unique call. When men wake up to who they are and who the Lord calls them to become, the Devil runs in fear. Young men are called to more than what the world presents to them. For that reason, it’s important not to waste moments. This is the starting point from which Brian challenged the young men attending the conference this weekend.

Reflecting on the story of Genesis 3, Brian pointed out that it is an indictment on men. In that story, Eve is the one who engages the serpent. Adam is standing right there with her, but Eve is the one who fights the battle – the battle that Adam was called to stand up and fight. Men are called to battle for more.

What Does That Mean for You?

Brian asked:
How do we judge masculinity?
Is it having money and muscles?
Do you just wear the suit of a warrior, or do you have the HEART of a warrior?

That last question serves as a challenge: focus on the internal, not the external. Give God everything, focusing on the man that God calls you to be. Embrace acts of valor, because, “true masculinity is using your strength at the service of another.” True masculinity is activated to fight for those who can’t fight for themselves.

That is what Christ did. To follow Christ’s example is to allow the protector of masculity to guide you. Christ gave everything for you, and you are called to live selflessly, too.

Lastly, Brian reminded everyone that men need brothers. He said, “The most dangerous place for men to be is alone.” Alone, the pressures of the world are too much. They drown the voice of truth and threaten the masculine purpose. Standing together, men stand strong. In the book of Daniel, we meet three men who stood together: Shadrach, Meshach, and Abedngo. Faced with the command to bow down to false beliefs, together they stood strong for the truth of God. That same power and couarge is the call of men today. Embracing it will change the world.

Key Points and Verses to Help

Pursue Holiness:
– Galatians 2:20
– Matthew 12:31

Be Vigilant:
– Matthew 16:24
– 1 Samuel 16:7

Be Courageous:
– Sirach chapter 2

You can watch the full talk from our live stream by clicking here!

Written by Melissa Hunter