Dating 101 with Lisa Cotter

This afternoon, Lisa Cotter reminded up that we live in a time when dating is really confusing. It is extremely difficult to navigate the dating world: there are no norms to dating anymore, and because of technology, as we scroll through our phones, we feel as if we’re connecting with someone, but in reality, we’re not. In order to connect with someone, you need that face to face interaction and we cannot get that through a screen. While texting is a wonderful and convenient thing, unfortunately it doesn’t let us see another’s emotion. We find it difficult to interpret what the other is saying and it can get confusing, so Lisa reminded us that “texting is for information, not emotion.”

Tips for navigating the dating world:

  1. Start with friendship – give yourself some time, there is no reason to jump into a relationship with someone if you have not gotten to know them
  2. Avoid isolation – when we isolate ourselves, we become blind to the situation around us
  3. Refuse to use – you are not made for use, whether it’s physical use or emotional use, you are not an object to be used
  4. Make Jesus the center – help each other grow in holiness

Be sure to listen to this talk, as Lisa Cotter and Nic Frank facilitate a Q & A answering teens questions about dating towards the end.


“A person’s rightful due is to be treated as an object for love, not as an object for use.” – Pope Saint John Paul II

“The desire for you to love and be loved is good. But it is not good when we turn that desire in a perverted way.” – Lisa Cotter

“Emotions and feelings can be taken up in the virtues or perverted by the vices.” CCC 1774

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Written by Sarah O'Daniel
Hi! My name is Sarah. This kindergarten teacher loves Jesus, sports, and is constantly amazed by the wonders of a strong cup of coffee (real coffee... none of this #basic caramel frappucino stuff). I tend to believe that I have it all together but Jesus constantly humbles me back to reality. I volunteer with my parishs' youth group where the teens very much resemble the 5 year olds I teach.