D.J. Bernal: God Calls You Son

The definition of masculinity is debated in our society. Men’s keynote speaker DJ Bernal reminded the young men present this weekend that their identity is in Christ and Christ alone.  Discussing a world in which the meaning of being a man can be confusing and difficult, DJ reminded us that through the grace of Baptism we have what it takes, because God has called us by name.

Through your Baptism, God calls you son.

Challenging the post-lunch crowd, DJ encouraged us that, God was raising up a generation to make generational change. The world has problems that you have answers to. God is calling this generation to reclaim the world for Himself, and the grace to accomplish that was first given to us at Baptism, when God claimed us His sons.

With final words of empowerment, Bernal reminded the group of young men about the message of St. Paul in his letter to the Philippians, summarizing, “You can do all things through Christ.”

The session concluded with time for prayer renouncing lies and announcing the truths that come from Jesus, a practice we can take home with us.


The live stream of DJ’s talk is watchable here.

Written by Jeremy Remiger