Belong Together- Authentic Friendship: Brian Greenfield

The challenge this weekend is to make that ‘Amen’ we always say mean something. Brian challenged our attendees to look at all of the passion we have inside us this weekend and imagine if we took that to prayer. For many of us we’ve only scratched the surface of all God can do with us. The enemy wants you to be silent and doesn’t want you to do anything. 

We are taught in this society that being a man of God is simply not good enough. We are afraid of people “bullying” us and are intimidated. We are called this weekend to stand up and be the man God wants us to be. However, we need people around us to give us strength and hold us accountable. 

Brian said, “We have brothers around us and we need other men to show us what REAL masculinity looks like. The blessing of this weekend is that we don’t do this alone.”

Brain then referenced the story in the Book of Daniel about Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego who refused to bow down to King Nebuchadnezzer. They were threatened to be thrown in the fiery furnace chose to obey God at all costs. They believed that together, with the power of God, that they would be saved. 

We will never be able to bring the world to Christ by becoming like the world. As did these three men, we be revealing to the world a higher power, a greater purpose, and a superior morality than the world in which we live.

True friendships are:

-Rooted in Christ

-Intimate- Sharing our hearts with our peers


-Challenging- Holding each other accountable

-Selfless- We will each other to do good


Written by Jacob Masek
Jacob Masek hails from St. Louis, Missouri and has been helping Steubenville youth conferences since 2012 doing social media. Jacob works for Entercom Communications in downtown St. Louis where we helps companies better market themselves. One of Entercom's Stations is KMOX, which broadcasts The St. Louis Cardinals and St. Louis Blues (Stanley Cup Champions no big deal). In his spare time you can find him golfing or taking an Orangetheory Fitness class.