Altar Call: “I Am Open”

Fr. Crisman closed the first week of Steubenville encouraging and challenging the participants to be open to Christ’s call for each of us. He invited participants to literally stand up at Steubenville as a commitment to how they will metaphorically ‘stand up’ for their faith back at home.

“We need men and women who are bold, and willing to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ no matter the costs.”

The altar call is not a verbal contract to enter seminary or the convent, but rather it’s an invitation to be bold, to be generous, and to do the Lord’s will. The action is a commitment to listen, to be open, to be the face of Jesus.

 He offered some tips for discerning the Lord’s will for our lives:


“Everyday you’re going to pray. Everyday you are going to ask Jesus, ‘Are you calling me to a supernatural way of life? It’s a yes/no question.”

Talk to an Adult

“Speak to a priest, consecrated woman, to an adult in your life– a youth minister. Let them know that the Lord might be calling you and that you’re open, generous, and bold. And that you’re willing to do something about it.

Go on a Retreat

Retreats are opportunities for renewal, and deepen our prayer lives. Vocation-specific retreats can help with your discernment!  Interested in attending a discernment retreat or getting more info about vocations? Check out these resources from the USCCB!

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Written by Evie Sue
My mom is from the South, which landed me a double first name. I love Jesus and sweet tea, but only when mixed with lemonade (the tea, not Jesus). I have freckles on just one side of my face, am often mistaken for a ginger, and work as Catholic youth minister for the Archdiocese of St. Louis. Pretty social for an introvert: @eviesueward